The Fenley Team

Pam Cabell – Client Relations Specialist / Accountant
11 years at Fenley – 32 years in banking

Debbie Hawthorne – Corporate Office Manager
22 years at Fenley – 27 years in commercial real estate

Gloria Jones – Corporate Accountant
16 years at Fenley – 32 years in accounting

Susan Mudd – Legal Assistant / Senior Executive Assistant
13 years at Fenley – 22 years corporate and legal acquisitions

LaVerne Trujillo – Director of First Impressions
15 years at Fenley – 38 years in corporate relations

Lynda Wilbourn – CPA, Controller
8 years at Fenley – 28 years in corporate and real estate accounting

David Fenley

Stephen Fenley

Family Timeline

Fenley Team

Cross-training and a united belief in
high-standard client service provide the cornerstones of the Fenley team environment. A traditional hierarchy does not exist in an atmosphere where our clients come first. We do, however, appreciate areas of expertise.